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Michael Darfler

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Interlocking disks for creating geometric solids
2015 | Philadelphia, PA

Principal | Michael Darfler
Role | Design and fabrication

This project was developed to create a hands-on approach to learning about 3D geometry. GeoDisks are a set of color-coded, interlocking disks cut from flexible HDPE. Accompanying the disks are a set of educational cards, one for each regular convex polyhedron that can be made using the disks. The graphical system of the cards includes clear building instructions with matching color-coded layout while also encouraging discovery and exploration. By enabling users to experience the tangible construction of these complex shapes, a deeper understanding of physical properties and connections are made between polyhedra are made. The resulting object is not only instructive but visually appealing, many of which can be turned into a design element for indoor or outdoor applications.

Each card in the set features prominently the net representation of the polyhedra which shows how the relationship of the faces when the shape is flattened into two dimensions. Accompanying the net is a count of each different regular polygon required to build the shape. The sidebar provides extended information about the topographical and geometric properties of the polyhedron. Consistency and clarity were of the utmost importance in order for the user to begin to draw connections across the system.