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A MakerSpace at the intersection of art, technology, and entrepreneurship.
2016 | Jenkintown, PA

Principal - Abington Art Center and Penn State Abington
Role - Program Manager, Design, Marketing, and Instruction

Located at the Abington Art Center, FABington is an innovation center operating at the intersection of art, engineering, and entrepreneurship. The project is a joint venture between Abington Art Center and Penn State Abington with support from the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation. FABington includes two studio spaces—digital fabrication and textiles—and a community gathering room and serves a diverse community of makers.

As the project manager, I was responsible for managing the partnership, developing a brand identity, designing new spaces and overseeing their construction, developing a communication and marketing plan, and establishing initial programming.

One of the biggest challenges of the partnership was establishing a new physical space. While there was a clear commitment to building a new identity, one that would attract new a new, younger, demographic to the Art Center, there was also a very strong existing community that we did not want to alienate in the process. This render of the bench space that would later be installed in new Digital Fabrication Studio was designed to have a clean and streamlined approach while maintaining a sense of materiality and experimentation to encourage users of all ages and experience to ask questions, make mistakes, and celebrate success.

FABington continues today as the “Abington Innovation Center” running a variety of youth STEAM program, tool training, and open studio times.